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Date:2007-07-16 12:11
Subject:Tonight, tonight!

Tonight should be pretty much awesome. It's also Will Brown's official send off to the American Film Institute.

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Date:2007-06-24 13:52
Subject:Party tonight

SUNDAY NIGHT--Tonight!!! Fun, fun, fun.



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Date:2007-03-26 16:12
Subject:I'm just full of surprises!

I bought a ticket see a play at Artists Rep for Wednesday night. That's right folks, I elected to go see a play on my own.

The world: But Brianna don't you hate plays. Don't you only go with Chanda because you like her and you don't get to see her much because of the baby?

Me: I don't hate plays. Actually, I used to see plays of my own accord often. Remember I was Thespian President in high school? It wasn't until my nutzo, manic ex-boyfriend totally burnt me out on plays that I had a problem at all. But I'm an adult and was then too (however marginally) and I think that looking back I allowed him to do that, and now I can allow myself to see plays in normal healthy doses.

The world: Wow, Brianna what a mature decision. You're really turning into a fully self-actuallized person.

Me: Thank you, I appreciate that although I don't know what "self-actuallized" means.

The world: And I like your sweater, where'd you get it.

Me: Forever 21. Now that I'm almost 30 I think it's time to start shopping there.

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Date:2007-03-20 21:05
Subject:My pajamas tried to eat me

Or at least that's what it felt like.

I started to take my pajama bottoms off (I don't sleep with bottoms of any kind on, blech) when all of a sudden static cling consumed my pajamas and they grabbed onto my legs like a boa constricter. Spooky.

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Date:2007-02-17 22:04
Subject:Not too late to vote in my pole.

I don't how to link it but if you refer to an 2/14 entry you too can vote in my hair decision pole. . .

It's not an emergency I suppose since I don't have instant growing hair like one of those Barbie heads.

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Date:2007-02-15 20:45
Subject: My pole! Help for for real. I need to know.

Poll #927617

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Date:2007-02-14 21:21
Subject:This is serious! I need input!
Mood: sleepy

Poll #927617 Hair today more tomorrow?

Should I grow out my hair?

Yes, you're a princess--start looking like one!
Yes, you'll be too old soo to get away with it.
Yes, because it would be pretty.
No, you're too old for that kind of thing.
No, you just want to because you're regressing.

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Date:2007-01-29 20:41
Subject:Thank my lucky stars!
Mood: surly

I saw "Freedom Writers" because I was sad. I'll not share the fuckin' morose, Eeyore reason. I'm sick of hearing myself complain about my sad stories.

I knew it was going to be tackyass moronic crap where the passionate, talented individual saves ghetto children. I knew that. It's sickening because the idea positted is "If only every teacher cared this much, everyone could be saved!" When in reallity huge institutional change needs to be made along with a significant finanical committment. Movies like that reinforce the status quo. The're like the FBI angents who posed as hippies in the 60s.

But! But! But! It was worth it! Because, and I say this without irony or silliness: I felt so incredbly lucky that I don't have some Patrick Dempsey husband with a giant mane of hair that I would be neglecting and disappointing while all the while being patronized and treated with condecension. He does have one really great line which I will paraphrase, "Look at me. This is it. This is all I am. I'm not like you students, I don't have "potential." Truly a pearl of wisdom, much like the Sex and the City's "Maybe he's just not that into you."

This is, BTW the part where I try to be angry because I can't stand being sad anymore. I'd rather hate Mr. Dempsey and his coif.

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Date:2007-01-16 06:15
Subject:2 hour delay!!
Mood: ecstatic

I'm going back to bed.

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Date:2007-01-13 20:35
Subject:my party menu

rice krispie treats
baked alaska
Datiles Con Tocino
Lil' Smokey cheese ball
cheddar blue cheese ball
sherbet punch
hot nuts
chips, salsa and guacamole?
stuffed mushrooms?

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Date:2006-12-28 14:36
Subject:Where is the stash?!
Mood: sleepy

I wish Lani had left a piece of chocolate for me.

I don't know where she hid it and I won't stoop to ransacking the apartment (yet). This hiding chocolate thing was a really good idea.

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Date:2006-12-23 18:41
Subject:Places I want to go
Mood: nauseated

I had to take a vicodin because my head was hurting so much. Now I love everyone and feel like I'm going to throw up.

Places I want to go:

Turkey (I'm a total Turkaphile, don't get me started on Attaturk! And most of the Classical world is actually in Turkey like Mt. Olympu where there actually is a flame.)
Hungary ("Oh, I've been to Prague--I don't mean I've actually been to Prague. . .")
Czech republic
Italy (Have my name pronounced correctly for once)
Britain (I have this nerdy desire to vistit Blechley park, where the enigma project happened during WWII. I love the idea of the war being fought and won by pasty mathemeticians in sweater vests)
The Netherlands
Vietnam (the guy at the pedicure place was convincing me to go--he seemed really bored)
Morroco (I only have three African countries, odd since I thought by now I'd be doing AIDS research there. I see so much poverty on a daily basis here where there actually are resources I'm not sure if I could emotionally handle African poverty.)

Places I want to go back to:
France (Paris and Tony Kushner are some of the only things that have really lived up to my expectations)
Vancouver, BC

I'd really like to drive from here all the way down to Tierra Del Fuego at the bottom tip of South America.

We'll see where I'm at and what my life is like in five years when I will enough experience to teach at an American school over seas (teaching at an American school means I would still be able to count that experience when I work in the US, which is important in terms of steps on the pay scale).. I've thought that I'd really like teaching in Turkey and then using that as a base from which to travel.

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Date:2006-12-20 08:48
Subject:Focus on domestic tranquility
Mood: relaxed

Today I will focus on my household chore portion of the giant list of things to do. But I may also see Casino Royale.

3 1/2 months worth of things I haven't had the time, energy, or will to do is quite a bit to tackle in two weeks--not counting all the xmas stuff on its own list, but I'm enjoying myself so much. Just having coffee at two in the afternoon feels like the greatest luxury. I have a cup in the morning but never can at school and after school there's such a short amount of time between when I leave and when I have to go to bed it's never an option.  So if I had to write one of those dumb prompts teachers sometimes make their kids write it would be "Happiness is. . . having coffee whenever you want to."

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Date:2006-12-16 09:18
Subject:Buffy at the Mission, Tuesday!
Mood: cheerful


It's free, it's at 10pm this Tuesday. I don't have school so I'll be there! Life is good.

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Date:2006-12-01 10:03
Subject:Why it is fun to live with me!
Mood: Brianna to the rescue!

Lani got a new cell phone and the other night she was playing with the ring tones while I stormed through the living room on my way to the bathroom. When I came out she asked if I was annoyed by the ringtones because I had a really angry look on my face. At this point it would have easier just to lie and say "Yes! They're so irritating go away and do that." I didn't lie. I told the truth which was as I walked through the room I was imagining that I had a very long cape fluttering behind me in the breeze and I was feeling quite grand and imperious. And the truth is I imagine things like this all the time.

I get to stay home and work on report cards today instead of going into work. Yea unions!

First I'm going to go rescue Lani because her car died and take her to work.

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Date:2006-11-19 20:33
Subject:"V" anyone? Take my poll!
Mood: relaxed

Poll #871498 Would you like to watch the epic "V" mini-series with me?

Would you like to watch the epic "V" mini-series with me?

Yes, awesome--I'm there day or night!
No, that's totally lame 80s chick!
Yes, but I don't know what it is.
I don't know what it is but you'll cook delicious food I be there

Lani is feeling sketchy about this but I loved "V" a lot when I was a kid and I would be willing to cook wonderful food (with the minimal of things rodent shaped for authenticity). I need to know if there is any interest, if there is none I'll just watch it myself. I really don't mind doing anything myself except for going to bars because that's dodgey.

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Date:2006-11-19 14:28
Subject:So cold! So dark!
Mood: Burrrrrrr!

I'm working on report cards in my classroom and it's so cold! Plus, the lights are motion activated so they go off because sitting at my computer I don't trigger the sensor.

Lani and I had a stellar morning. We had breakfast and pedicures (she had a manicure too, but I can't because my job messes up my nails too much) and I dropped her off to do work. I need to hurry up and finish because I'll go in hypothermia soon (I miss those 24 heat producing bodies warming up the joint).

It's still so strange to be writing comments to parents. I feel so audacious telling parents what to do.

p.s. Did you know if you click on the location link where I put "where else?" (meaning I'm at school because where else would I be?) it will show you multiple locations on a map.

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Date:2006-11-09 15:30
Subject:Last day before three day weekend; I might bight a small head off
Mood: irate

I have no patience left. If anyone wants to give me a word of encouragement I swear I won't rant like I did that one time.

I don't want to eat any of my students but I might because they're so excited about their weekend and I'm such a beast.

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Date:2006-11-08 21:16
Subject:Attention!! Livejournal people I need a definitive answer. . .
Mood: curious

Tonight was family reading night at my school; the theme was "Pirates."

So, I think that when a fad comes to the elementary school it's officially over. Lani disagrees.

What do you think? Are Pirates played out?

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Date:2006-10-25 16:15
Subject:I wish someone would post some juicy gossip.
Mood: curious

I don't mean to complain here. But I'm stuck at conferences until 8 and I have this afternoon break right now and my friend's page just isn't juicy enough to keep me awake until 5:30. So please, post some gossip, even if it's about someone I don't know. Or if you by come across this randomly and know of some gossip, point me in that direction. You would be serving public schools.


p.s. Conferences are going pretty well so far.

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